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obile Manufacturers (CAAM) has upgraded its forecast for this year's automobile ▓sales to 10.2 million unit

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vehicle sales are likely to increase by 5 percent this year, Dong said.The association modified its forecast after vehicl▓e sales hit a monthly record in April, the second consecutive month since March, with a year-on-year growth of 25 percent."It seems 2009 will be an optimistic year for China's automobile market, but we all should be

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cautious amid the gloomy global environment," said Dong.According to CAAM, 1.153 million vehicles were sold in China last month, up 3.91 percent from March.Related stories:Chinese people have slashed their budgets for buying automobiles amid decreasing consu▓mer confidence and a bitter economy, but the diversified demand for private veh

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icles will continue to propel the market on a robust growth path, according to a recent survey from global information provider Nielsen.The survey of 4,4▓00 interviewees conducted from early October to late March showed that 55 percent people decided to buy cars priced below 180,000 yuan after the economic crisis broke out, 8 percent▓age

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